Shamlal Contracting

SHAMLAL Contracting is an innovator in engineering contracting services working with a vision to give a distinctive and most innovative solution in diverse fields such as Manpower services, Industrial support, Gas Pipe Installation and a variety of Civil and Mechanical engineering services since its inception in 2007.

The management of this group is comprised of experienced professionals of varying nationality delivering an innovative solution to varied markets. In fact, Shamlal Contracting is among the few top companies in the engineering contracting services and man power services.

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The Right People

We could tell you that we are better than everyone else, or, that we have the perfect Candidate from our vast database, or the ideal position at our fingertips, but would you believe us? You’ve heard it all before. So why have so many clients and candidates chosen to share in our success?

We believe it is because we are committed to helping our Candidates, by carefully analyzing and matching their recruitment needs, and adding value to our Clients, by providing a superior cost-efficient service, without compromising on quality. Shamlal offers a professional, personal service and continues to pull out all the stops through extensive networking and powerful intuitive searching, to ensure a successful result.

Our Mission

To respect every individual and make clients, employees and suppliers partners in progress through the application of cutting-edge technologies for designing future in the most innovative and unique way.

Our Vision

To expand globally and to take care of our client’s requirements and satisfaction with the help of our diverse team using preeminent machinery. To provide our clients with best effective service at very low cost.

Our Values

We provide an environment in which every client is treated with respect and dignity, and is recognized for his or her contributions to our business. Our best values are Distinct approach and World class machinery.

Our Services

We Provide Best services

We provide best service that makes the difference! To know more download our brochure